Self-Respect and Confidence

For me, the idea of wearing a suit, tie, and freshly pressed dress shirt is an expression of confidence. And, a desire to present myself in a way that portrays self-respect and respect for others. Countless times my brothers and I have been randomly approached in coffee shops by strangers wondering what we do for a living. Why? Because a suit, tie, and nice pair of dress shoes reflect an image of success and confidence that people are drawn to. There is a reason professionals holding office and individuals in the public eye wear suits. Long before I started Jon Austin Customer Clothier, I loved a suit and tie. It always makes me feel good having a stranger ask me what I do. Preachers, politicians, public officials, doctors, lawyers, countless professionals, and men of style are choosing to interact with the public in a suit for obvious reasons. If you find yourself needing or just wanting a new suit, contact Jon Austin by phone at 678.619.7625 or by email at to schedule your personal fitting. The process is easy and fun. The customizations and options are endless giving you the chance to have a finished garment you will love for years to come. 

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