They have always been cool

Did you know that the origins of the modern suit lie in the French and English royal courts of the 1700s! The petticoat and the cravat were commonplace and even required in most Eastern royal court. It was a sign of wealth and success, so to be associated and mingle in high society this was the accepted attire. This concept is still in practice in our modern society and probably will never die. When you take your wife or your girlfriend out to a nice restaurant, or somewhere nice to celebrate an anniversary or special occasion what do you do? I would beg to guess that you put on a suit or at least something more formal that is appropriate for the occasion. Why do we do this? I would argue that even though we don't always recognize it we feel social customs stemming back centuries. Most people I talk to about this will agree that it's not really about trying to fit into a mold out of a desire to look like everyone else but more about wanting to be perceived as having self-respect, and honestly who doesn't enjoy having someone think you have it all together? And I would say that 9 out of 10 time your date is feeling better about associating themselves with someone that takes the time to present themselves in a manner that took more effort and thought than just throwing a pair on jeans on. We still associate a suit and tie to success and position as mentioned in my last post. I am not telling you to strive to be like everyone else by any stretch but there is always something to be said about someone that is willing or desires to put there best foot forward and put in an effort when dealing with people day in and day out. The next time you plan that date night and you look in your closet and you realize that you don't have a suit or just want something new and unique call "Jon Austin Custom Clothier" I would love to help design your next garment and make it all your own. The process is fun and easy and most importantly it's affordable. Call me 678.619.7625 or email to schedule your next suit fitting today.

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